Wellness Choices made Easy


We all need to make wellness choices every day.

We are all looking for Wellness, complete wellness, to allow us to fully enjoy life, as it was meant to be enjoyed.

This website has been put together after much soul searching and research and is dedicated to your health and wellness and to helping you make better wellness choices and find the best solutions for your continued health and wellbeing.

Wellness includes many aspects of our lives and to maintain good health and an overall feeling of wellness we need to address all these different aspects to ensure we do make the best wellness choices for us.

Take some time right now, make yourself a 'cuppa', sit down, relax, and click your way through this site to find out how it could help you.

  • It takes a constant and deliberate effort to stay healthy and to achieve total well-being. It may mean we have to make some life-style changes where necessary.
  • Wellness is a way of life – a lifestyle we design to achieve an optimal level of well-being.
  • Wellness involves making ‘choices’ – that means considering a variety of options and selecting those that seem to be in our best interest.

It’s important:

  1. that we choose a healthy diet. If we don’t feed our bodies the correct fuel, we can’t expect them to operate at an optimal level.
  2. that we supplement our diet. No matter how careful we are about the food we eat, it’s just about impossible these days to maintain good health without supplementing.
  3. that we keep our bodies hydrated. Probably none of us drink as much water as we should.
  4. that we control our weight. Never before have we seen such a weight problem in our society.
  5. that we drop any unhealthy habits. I’ll talk mainly about smoking – if you want to stop, but haven’t been able, this might just help.
  6. that we exercise regularly. We all know how important that is – but, do we do it?
  7. that we develop self-confidence. There are many strategies available to help you.
  8. that we learn to manage our stress levels. Stress is a growing problem in our society.
  9. that we make time for fun and laughter in our lives.
  10. that we have the finances to survive.

My intention is to touch briefly on all of these wellness choices with the hope that it may encourage you to think more about your own situation - if it gives you a few ideas that help you to make the right wellness choices, I'll be more than happy.

Our lives today can be very complex and it can be difficult to achieve that overall feeling of wellness that we'd all like to have.

Life was meant to be easy, life is meant to be fun – so take steps to lighten up and enjoy your life.

Get more out of your life – get yourself into balance – feel better – look better – and have more energy to enjoy life.

To have some fun while you consider just how you score in the wellness equation, just click on the orange. Orange cut in Half

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