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Choose Wellness -- Apr/09
April 12, 2009
Greetings all

...and a very big Welcome to new friends.

I Hope you are enjoying the Easter break.

I have been taking note of this 'health tip' and doing some gardening while we've been having some nice showery weather over the long weekend.

"Gardening will burn around 340 calories per hour. Enjoy making your yard look great by getting out the hoe, rake, and shovel. Spend time creating a beautiful garden to enjoy while getting in shape at the same time."

Jim Rohn Video Tribute

Many of you, I know, have been influenced in some way over the years by the positive attitude and teachings of Jim Rohn so I thought I'd like to share with you this video that was put together recently as a tribute to the contribution he has made.

Close friends, business associates and speaking colleagues gathered together to share with Jim on video, their stories and testimonials of how he has had an impact on them.

The outcome was amazing and powerful - You can watch the 12-minute edited Tribute version online.

"This edited version of the Tribute was shown, on Saturday, March 28, to more than 2,000 achievers gathered at the SUCCESS Symposium in Dallas. The viewing was followed by Jim being greeted over the phone by SUCCESS magazine publisher Darren Hardy and by a standing ovation from the crowd. It was a very special and powerful moment!

Jim, who was diagnosed in Feb of 2008 with pulmonary fibrosis, shared with the audience that he is doing much better and he feels that it's a result in large part to all the prayers and thoughts from all of you! He is greatly appreciative. He also referenced the story of David in the bible, saying that he felt like he had been in the shadow of death for a period of time, but is now doing much better. He has gained 30 pounds and continues to gain strength every day. His hope and goal is to be able to start making some appearances in the fall (if not sooner)."

Here are a couple of my favourite Jim Rohn Quotes:

"Character isn't something you were born with and can't change, like your fingerprints. It's something you weren't born with and must take responsibility for forming."

"Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better."

It is natural to be healthy. Our body does whatever it can to be in a state of health. If you support your body with health promoting choices, your body will respond.

Food is Your Best Medicine or Your Poison

I like this article I read recently by Cynthia Perkins - here is just an extract - you can read the full article "Food is Your Best Medicine or Your Poison" here.

"Food is your best medicine. Or, more accurately, the right food choices can be powerful medicine for the mind and body. A lot of people are aware of this to one degree or another, but they don't always act on the knowledge or use it to their benefit in the fullest extent.

Everything we put into our body has an effect of one kind or another. Junk foods, refined food, processed foods, foods high in sugar or laden with pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and additives... these all tend to have an adverse effect on the health and wellness of our body both physically and emotionally.

Healthy foods that were given to us by Mother Nature, like whole fruits and vegetables, herbs and nuts and seeds can be much more than excellent sources of vitamins and nutrition. Many of them, can also help us fight or prevent a wide variety of health conditions or syndromes and some may even prevent or cure diseases."

"It is natural to be healthy. Our body does whatever it can to be in a state of health. If you support your body with health promoting choices, your body will respond.

This from Neal Donald Walsch of "Conversations with God" fame.

Leondardo Da Vinci said that, and he was right... "There are those who say that 'time flies,' but they are those who do not use every minute of it. Time is actually your greatest gift. It is better than money. Invest it, therefore, wisely."

I must admit that I am guilty of saying 'time flies' and I'm sure it 'flies faster the older you get'. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that we 'get slower the older we get'.

So... says Neal Donald Walsch .. "What will you invest your time in today? What will be your return? What did you invest your time in yesterday? What was your return? Is it 'time' to use your time more wisely? Just wondering..."

Thanks to new members Tom & Susan who asked:

"We're still searching for the "perfect" theme for ourselves and at an excellent price, like perhaps free. We're working as a team to build our Internet "empire." Still struggling to get our web-site ready to launch. Also, we're thinking of going with a blog rather than a static web-site."

For the benefit of any of my other readers who might be considering setting up a blog or website here are my suggestions:

If you decide to go with a static website, I highly recommend SBI (not free but very good value - or if you opt for a blog, you couldn't do better than Yaro Starak's FREE Blog Profits Blueprint which you can find here. - it's excellent - with step by step videos showing you exactly how to do it.

"Salad dressing can significantly increase the calories and fat content of salad.  For a tasty no fat dressing; blend 1 Cup Fresh Tomatoes (in chunks), 1 Cup mango flesh, 1/4 cup water and 2-3 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar. Enjoy! "
I love to receive your questions, comments or requests so please contact me if you have anything you'd like to contribute or any questions.

Until then keep well and remember

'healthy cells = healthy bodies'


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