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Choose Wellness -- August/09
August 21, 2009
Greetings all

...and welcome everyone to the August Choose Wellness newsletter - apologies for the lateness (I've nearly missed August!). No excuses except that too many other things have been happening and I've been having trouble staying focused.

Maybe it's because I've had another birthday this month! and have been feeling reflective about my life.

Looking back, it's hard to believe there have been so many years in my life, so much I have done and yet so much more I would like to achieve. I guess I'd better get active and make the most of the next 30 years.

I often wonder what my Grandmother would have thought of life as it is now. She who was brought to the harsh reality of a Townsville summer after having lived her first tender years in Shropshire, England, just near the Wales border. Her Father came to Townsville to take up an appointment as head teacher of the German Gardens (later to be named Belgium Gardens) State School. We wondered when we visited Britain last year just what would have possessed them to leave such a beautiful place! So much has changed in that time and life is so different now. It's very hard to imagine what might be in another 100 years.

Here is a funny little story about a birthday that came to me through one of the Newsletters I subscribe to.

A young Grandchild asked his Grandmother "How old are you now Grandma?" Grandma replied without hesitation "I'm 69." ..silence...and then.. "Did you start at 1?".

I had the good fortune to attend 'An Evening with Don Tolman' recently.

He is certainly a very interesting man who has committed his working life to the discovery of the 'ancient wisdom in the areas of Health and Education', systems that he feels need to be revisited, understood and shared with the current and coming generations.

He believes that we need to question some of the 'fundamentals' that modern society has been built upon and says that our formal education framework has become nothing more than a 'Factory’ designed to churn out and indoctrinate academics and workers. Don says that we have lost the war on cancer due to our heavy reliance on toxic, pharmaceutical drugs and a Health system driven by money. And in doing so, we’ve forgotten how to trust the wisdom and power of whole foods and principles of health for avoiding disease, remaining vital and living long.

You can read more about Don Tolman on his website and if ever you get a chance to go to one of his 'evenings', I think you'll find it both informative and entertaining.

Here's a Pearl of Wisdom from Don Tolman.

"Good science today shows that Walnuts are literally, pure brain food. The Omega 3 fatty acids in the walnut carry the flesh of the nut as a precursor into brain chemistry that the brain then converts into neuro-transmitters for cognitive (thinking) enhancement.

So, munch on walnuts - add them to salads and cereals whenever you can. And YES, every part of the walnut looks just like a specific part of the brain - amazing!

Here are a few 'Seeds of Greatness' from Denis Waitley.

  • Be different, if it means higher personal and professional standards of behavior
  • Be different, if it means treating animals like people, and people as brothers and sisters
  • Be different, if it means being cleaner, neater and better groomed than the group
  • Be different, if it means giving more in service than you expect to receive in payment
  • Be different, if it means to take the calculated risk
  • Be different, if it means to observe, listen and understand before passing judgment

Research shows that eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables protects you against cancer, heart disease, and the effects of aging. Experiment with a variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Think of the rainbow when putting together a salad or vegetable tray. Fun Shopping

This is exciting news for shoppers.

Imagine an auction site with 100s of NEW 'brand name' items - those that are most popular on the net - and every time you bid the price goes DOWN.

If you thought eBay was fun 'You ain't seen nothin' yet!'

Dubli started in Germany a few years ago and has been in the US about a year and is to open in Australia very soon. The company is growing very fast and predictions are that it will be another Amazon or eBay but with some very unique features.

Anyone who is interested in the development of the internet will know just how things have grown and developed in the last couple of years. What Dupli has and is developing is very exciting both from the business perspective and for the shopping experience.

Customers have the potential to purchase name brand items for a fraction of their original price.

DubLi prides itself in creating a shopping experience for the customer that is both fascinating and fun at the same time.

To see how it works, you can watch this short video.

If you are in Europe, UK, USA, Canada or Mexico you can start shopping now by clicking shop now. You will need to register on the site and you can purchase shopping credits there, or contact me if you would like some credits for FREE just so you can experience the thrill of 'reverse auction shopping'.

Who knows what bargain you might pick up!

Website Update:

I am always making changes to my website and have added some new items to my Free Gifts page.

New subscribers to 'Choose Wellness' are given a Password so that they can access the free gifts and also some pages on the website that are 'password protected'.

As you are reading this newsletter it means that you are already one of my Wellness Friends, so here now is the password for you: wellness_friends

Go to the site directory to see the listing of all pages on the website. Remember that I love to receive your questions, comments or requests so please contact me if you have anything you'd like to contribute or any questions.

Until then keep well and remember

'healthy cells = healthy bodies'


'be well ... bHip


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