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Choose Wellness -- December 2012
December 05, 2012
Greetings, best wishes

... and welcome everyone - and thanks if you have recently joined my list and thanks if you have stayed with me as I wind down my activities.

As the beautiful blue of the jacaranda trees dot the skyline of Brisbane we realise that the school year is coming to an end, students are busy with exams, and final year students are kicking up their heels in celebration. Soon, as the jacarandas shed their blossoms, the vibrant red/orange blossoms of the poinciana trees will herald in the Christmas season.

The heat has rolled in to Brisbane and we've had a couple of destructive storms in the area. Most of the storms seem to edge past us but we did have a very vicious hail storm recently. Thankfully no damage for us except to the garden - it was absolutely shredded. A lot of extra pruning being done now.

It has been a rather busy year for us as I wind down my computer activities and lead the life of a 'retiree'. I don't like to admit that I am 'getting old' but the focus of life has certainly changed for me. I love this quote,

"The time to begin most things is ten years ago."

from Mignon McLaughlin, the American Author of Neurotic's Notebook who died in 1983.

I am still very healthy and have managed to stay that way without the use of drugs. The quality supplements that I take regularly have played an important part there I am sure.

I agree with Benjamin Franklin who once said - "The best doctor gives the least medicines."

Physically my knees have become a problem which has curtailed my physical activities somewhat - I'm due for replacements next year. Not very happy about that but it seems to be a popular surgical procedure these days and is done with great success.

My website continues to hum along, without much effort from me, and still contributes a little welcome retirement income. I would recommend SBI (Site Build It) for anyone with a particular interest that they feel they'd like to develop into a website.

This has been a 'doggy' year for us. It started with a couple of house/dog sits for friends and has now grown to a stage where we have a dog 'in house' while their owners travel or we travel to their house. Either way, we enjoy it.

We are about to head north to Townsville again - yes, we'll be dog sitting. It will be the first time for many years that we have spent Xmas in Townsville so it will be a nice change, if a hot one. It will be great to celebrate Christmas with some of our siblings and their families.

As Christmas is just around the corner, here's a favourite recipe, from my daughter-in-law, for some delicious little almond shortbreads that would be great for the Christmas season.

  • Cream 100g butter with 40g icing sugar till fluffy.
  • Mix in 50g almond meal & 120g flour & then 75g finely chopped blanched almonds. (I find the slithered almonds that I then chop some more work well)
  • Roll in to small balls & bake at 180o for 12 mins and then for another 7 – 9mins at 150o
  • When cool, thoroughly dust with icing sugar.
They are yummy.

Eat Your Way to Health

This Christmas, and all year, enjoy plenty of foods rich in vitamin B and calcium, and don't skimp on lean protein. Include whole grains, seeds, nuts, dairy products, eggs, wheatgerm, lentils, beans, peas, soybeans and leafy green vegetables in your diet. A lean steak is a good source of iron and zinc - both of which are beauty essentials - although fresh oysters are the best source of zinc you can get. If you hair is feeling dry or brittle, whip up some guacamole or sardines on toast. Foods that are rich in essential fatty acids, such as avocado and oily fish, will protect your hair as well as your heart.

Are your vitamins natural?

If, as most popular multivitamin formulas sold today, they are predominately synthetic (ie the nutrients are 'man-made' in a laboratory rather than coming from a natural wholefood source) then you might just as well toss them in the rubbish. Check labels or ask your chemist or health food provider if you are in doubt about the ingredients.

As most of you would know I am a great believer in natural food supplements and they don't come any better than those from Mannatech.

Mannatech recognizes the importance of natural nutrients in the pursuit of wellness, and are committed to incorporating the most natural, food-sourced ingredients with the latest innovations in science to produce the most nutrient-rich and effective products possible.

The latest product to be released by Mannatech is a supplement powder which delivers real-food glyconutrient and vitamin/mineral technologies in a nutrient-dense food base of stabilized rice bran and organic fruits and vegetables.

NutriVerus™ powder is living up to all expectations.

Watch the video if you'd like to learn more.

...till next time, don't forget that I love to receive your questions, comments or requests and I'd love you to send your favourite recipe or health tip, so please contact me if you have anything you'd like to contribute or any questions.

Until then keep well, enjoy the Christmas festivities and have a very happy New Year.


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