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Choose Wellness -- Dec/07
December 11, 2007
Christmas Greetings

to you all, and welcome to those who have joined us since last month. Please keep up the good work of recommending this 'Choose Wellness' Newsletter to your friends and relations.

What a year 2007 has been and how quickly has it flown by! - wasn't it just the other day that we were all worrying about the impact of the 'new millennium'?

Our youngest Grandchild was born about that time, just at the beginning of the 21st century and is now a very 'grown-up' and thoroughly delightful 'almost 8 year old'. Where did those years go?

I'll try to keep this Christmas Newsletter very short - I know everyone is very busy at this time of the year.

As I've always been a great admirer of Jim Rohn, I will start with a message from him. Jim has written six ideas on how to get the most out of your Christmas holidays. We would all agree that "Holiday times should be filled with lasting and enjoyable moments and memories." Sadly, sometimes things don't work out quite so well for everyone, so click here to learn Jim's thoughts on how to experience the holidays the way they were intended to be experienced.

May you experience the very best this holiday season and move into January better than ever!

To your success, joy, and peace, Jim Rohn"

Here are a couple of gifts for you - some holiday reading - with my compliments.

"Time Out" is a collection of short stories and poems - "For those rare moments when busy people can take time out from their busy lives" - by Martin Avis. I enjoy Martin's meanderings each week and hope you will enjoy this collection. (Warning! Some of the language is a little stronger than I like).

Right-click to download this PDF file here

Another book, one that has ruffled a few feathers lately, is "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing". If you are striving for success in your Network Marketing business, if you've ever been in Network Marketing, or if you would 'never ever' consider being in Network Marketing, this is well worth the read.

Right-click to download this PDF file here

Fun, joy and laughter create health. If what you are doing is not bringing you joy, find something else that does.

"Use caution when taking nutritional supplements. Taking supplements in high doses or taking an excessive amount of supplements may harm you. Supplements will not replace a healthy diet."

As a follow-on from this quote in the last Choose Wellness News, the results of a recent study have shown that 'Individuals who consume a number of nutritional supplements were found to have better biomarkers of health than people who do not consume any supplements and people who only consumed a multivitamin/multimineral.' You can see more results about this article here.

This Christmas please help support the children of the world! Help support the truly amazing efforts of Endowment Australasia (MannaRelief Australia) by purchasing a 2008 calendar. Each month displays an artistic masterpiece presented by health challenged children on the Hope Program.

Why not give one as a Christmas present or stocking filler this year? This is your opportunity to support the programs that bless orphans and health challenged children around the world. To purchase one of these beautiful calendars just click on the image to go to the Endowment Australasia website.

Please continue to share this Choose Wellness Newsletter with your family, friends and business associates - the more the merrier! They can sign up at where they will be able to download a free copy of "The Science of Getting Rich". It's quite an amazing and topical book especially considering it was written originally in 1910. (It's not just about 'Getting Rich'.)

I welcome your questions, comments or requests so please contact me if you have anything you'd like to ask or say.

Until then keep well and remember 'healthy cells = healthy bodies'.

Very best wishes to you all for the Christmas season and may 2008 be the best year ever.


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