About Me and Wellness Decisions

This is not really 'about me'. It's about you and the 'wellness decisions' you should be making.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and I hope you will find something here to help you to make those wise wellness decisions.

We all have so many choices and we are all looking for solutions. Every day, particularly on the Internet, we are inundated with people trying to sell us something. So many products being recommended by so many people.

When we search for something on the web we are confronted with so much information about 'just about everything', that it is very easy to go into 'information overload', shut down, and 'forget it'. That has been my experience on many occasions.

I thought it might be a good idea (and I hope others might think so too) to develop just a simple site with some relevant information about some basic concepts of wellness, and some recommendations of some top quality products. These recommendations will grow as I do the research and testing for you.


So who am I? My name is Jane Aslett and I am a Mother of three, Grandmother of seven and have been happily married to the same man, Geoff, for many years. We, like most people, have encountered many ups and downs along life's journey but we have much to be grateful for in our lives.

We enjoy living in Brisbane, capital of the sunny State of Queensland. What a great place to be!

Just at an age when we were experiencing some 'aging' health challenges, we discovered that we could be 'well' without relying on drug medication. We didn't like the idea of 'being on drugs' for the rest of our lives, so looked at natural alternatives. So began a journey of discovery, further investigation and lots of research.

I found that others, among our friends and acquaintances, were looking for ways to improve their health and quality of life and so gradually my ideas developed to the building of this website.

I hope you'll find it helpful – it will develop along the way – and I'd love you to contact me with any ideas or questions that you may have.

You can read some of the articles that I have written and that have been featured on Ezine Articles by clicking on them in the widget below.

I guess my main aim is to stress the importance of 'eating the right foods', supplementing with 'natural food based nutrients' (because our bodies are not getting all the nutrients they need from the food we eat), and 'exercising to keep our bodies running' efficiently. I feel that the generations coming along now may encounter more health problems as they age than the generation that I belong to. But ... I won't go into that now.

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I found the idea of setting up a website quite appealing, though very challenging. I wanted to do it myself and I searched for a long time before discovering a complete program, "Solo Build It", that has made it possible for me to put my ideas into action.

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Now that you know all about me, you can click here to go to the Site Directory so that you can further explore all the information contained herein.

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