without the MARKETING HYPE

"The Seven Secrets to Amazing Health"

You can be fit and healthy if you will just eat right.

Matthew Riddell is a Qualified Professional Personal Trainer and a Bachelor in Business Marketing who is completely committed to making a real difference in the world by helping people to get fit - without the bullshit! (His words).

He knows what it's like to be very unfit, and about the struggles that often occur when you try desperately, using conventional wisdom, to make a change.

Big food companies and diet dictocrats have inflicted irreparable damage on previous and current generations through greedy agendas and long-term campaigns of misinformation. The last twenty-five years have witnessed more change in Western eating habits than the last thousand. Every day we see increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with cancer, diabetes and a whole array of completely preventable disease - the results of half a century of nutritional abuse.

If you REALLY want to take control of your life, I suggest you read Matthew's book "Eat Right without the Marketing Hype." Matthew Riddell wrote this book for all those who have failed using modern dieting regimes, and it is specifically written for those who REALLY want to take control of their lives!

This book outlines principles for healthy eating - not dieting!

Eating is a fun, life-giving necessity. Avoid diets! Dieting is a sure-fire way to be fat, frumpy and grumpy.

Matthew describes the seven basic principles for a way of eating that will give you a longer life and help you get far more out of life. He says that if you follow these Seven Simple Secrets you will have super-strong bones and teeth, sleep like a baby, wake up completely refreshed, have no black spots in your afternoon and make sick days a thing of the past.

In a nutshell, the seven secrets talked about in detail in the book are:

  • THE FIRST SECRET: Avoid White Processed Sugar
  • THE SECOND SECRET: Avoid Processed White Flour
  • THE THIRD SECRET: Eat the right fats, and plenty of them
  • THE FOURTH SECRET: Eat only Fruit before Midday
  • THE FIFTH SECRET: Salads for Lunch, Vegetables for Dinner
  • THE SIXTH SECRET: Avoid Pasteurised Dairy, Especially Milk
  • THE SEVENTH SECRET: Live well hydrated

You will enjoy reading this book. Matthew's philosophy of Keeping it Simple means it is very easy to read, it has been well researched and well referenced and I'm sure you'll feel encouraged to further research some of the concepts he's written about.

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Eat Right

In outlining these NO BULLSHIT principles for healthy eating, Matthew offers these FIVE warnings about the book.

  1. This book is not written to be politically correct. It is written to be read and easily understood, helping YOU to make better nutritional choices.
  2. This book will challenge many of your old beliefs on healthy eating.
  3. This book is NOT designed to be an exhaustive reference text. Its purpose is to inspire your curiosity and propel you on a quest for self-education!
  4. This book does NOT discuss physical fitness whatsoever. That aspect of your health is so important, it would need an entire book dedicated to the subject.
  5. This book contains coarse language. This is because I get bloody mad at the overwhelming amount of bullshit you've been spoon-fed for decades... and because I want you to remember this message.
Matthew has listed all the books and references that he used in compiling his book "Eat Right without the Marketing Hype" and, to help you, I have added links for his top 'eat right' recommendations.

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