Healthy Energy Drinks

Healthy Energy Drinks

The market for healthy energy drinks has expanded at a rapid rate and people are becoming more educated about the side effects of certain ingredients that can be found in many of the common energy drinks available so readily in the marketplace. Thus there is a decided trend towards healthy energy drinks - energy drinks that are not only energizing but are GOOD FOR YOU.

Deadly Energy Drinks

Energy drinks came under attack on Monday from the University of Sydney and the Australian Medical Association.

Professor Chris Semsarian, Head of the Molecular Cardiology Program at Centenary Institute, and a cardiologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, has called for greater caution when purchasing energy drinks and wants better labelling. Several of Professor Semsarian’s patients were hospitalised in the past year with heart rhythm problems after consuming energy drinks. He warns that energy drinks can trigger heart attacks and other life-threatening conditions in young people because they speed up the heart and raise blood pressure.

For someone with an underlying heart condition, this combination of ingredients could have a potentially lethal effect, Professor Semsarian said.

Here are some options for you to consider when you are searching for healthy energy drinks.

Healthy Energy Drinks

bHip Global Blue Energy Blend

bHip Global, after the very successful introduction of the bHip healthy energy drink several years ago has now introduced, in its place, BLUE ENERGY BLEND.

It's the same "New Breed of Energy" with the same (well almost the same - it's been improved slightly) formula but with New Packaging and a New Brand Name..... so, bHip energy blend has become BLUE energy blend. Buy Blue Energy Blend It still delivers the world's first 'herbal clean energy' formula with all natural ingredients. The proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids is scientifically formulated to infuse and replenish energy at the cellular level .... and with no artificial caffeine, stimulants or by-products.

BLUE Energy still comes in a box of 30 single serve sachets. Just add water and you have the perfect beverage solution.

Take a look at other energy drinks on the market - read the labels - don't just take it for granted that if it's 'on the shelf' it's OK. I've compared (based on 8 fl.oz) Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, Full Throttle and No Fear.

Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, Full Throttle and No Fear each contain
  • over 100 calories
  • at least 28 g carbs
  • at least 27 g sugars
  • sodium levels from 35mg < 290mg
  • at least 72mg caffeine
Quantities vary from brand to brand.
BLUE Energy Blend has
  • 25 calories
  • 6 g carbs
  • 4.7g sugars
  • 0.5mg sodium
  • guarana
and all natural ingredients

BLUE Energy blend is made of fruit extracts, vitamins and minerals that work at the cellular level. Guarana is one of several energy producing ingredients & contains a substance known as theobromine, which is similar in chemical composition to the molecules found in chocolate.

This is a naturally occurring caffeine & gives a very nice, level, non-jittery energy. BLUE Energy is a natural formula that works faster, lasts longer, and is healthier for you!

Don't just grab off the shelf any old energy drinks, make sure you are getting the benefit of healthy energy drinks.

Read the label and check just what you are drinking.

Other Healthy Energy Drinks

bHip Global Pink

As well as the BLUE Energy Blend, you now have a couple of other choices of healthy energy drinks from bHIP depending on your sex.

If you are a woman, think PINK.

PINK is a revolutionary drink that provides long lasting energy and mental clarity. PINK features a proprietary blend of multi-beneficial ingredients specifically engineered for today's woman.It's right up there with the BEST of healthy energy drinks. bHip, Buy Pink Energy Blend Are you 'in the pink'? Are you keeping up with the every day stresses that today's woman takes in her stride every day?

It's a fast-paced world we live in today and difficult to find time 'just for yourself' and certainly not easy to find all the energy needed - what with running children hither and thither, working a full day (either at home or at the office), feeding the family (not takeaways, I hope) and keeping track of all that has to be done every day. How do you keep up your energy levels?

PINK Premium Mixer will help you to keep on top and 'in the pink' of health.

PINK premium mixer is a delicious drink that provides women with hormonal balance, long-lasting energy, mental clarity, mood elevation and healthy hair, skin and nails. PINK features a proprietary blend of over 40 active and multi-beneficial ingredients!

For more information and to check out the ingredients just click on the link, then your Country & look at the products available.

  • Immediate and sustained release of energizing nutrients to get you going and keep you going
  • Hormonal balancing herbs to help you adapt while on the go
  • Stress relieving aminos and minerals to help calm even the roughest of days
  • Healthy hair, skin and nails with our beauty complex of Amino Acids, ALA, B vitamins and powerful antioxidants

So ... if you're a woman GO FOR PINK!

bHip Red Energy Blend

If you're a man GO FOR RED!

It's very easy in this fast paced world of equality, for men to find they are working harder than ever and under more pressure than ever before.

Environmental challenges can cause additional physical stress on a man’s body, and he can become tired, less physically active and less sexually active than he'd like.

Now it’s time to get back on track. bHip Red Energy Blend Introducing RED for Men! bHIP RED Premium Mixer energy blend will deliver an immediate and unbelievable burst of energy that will last all day. RED provides a powerhouse blend of testosterone boosting precursors to stoke the fire in all men. Backed with a metabolic elevation blend and an amino acid complex, it will give that additional energy so that you can become an incredible fat burning machine.

bHip Global has not forgotten that men have special nutritional needs.

RED Premium Mixer also features ingredients shown to help support a healthy prostate and a healthy heart.

RED - H Series Premium Mixer will give

  • Insanely long-lasting energy
  • Metabolic fat furnace blend
  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Increase sex drive with testosterone precursors

New Maqui Juice

bHip Maqui Juice

A wonderful new addition to bHip Healthy Energy Drinks is bHIP Maqui Juice. Maqui Juice is a blend of Premium Costa Rican AloeVera, Ionic Sea Minerals and Resveratrol with the MaquiBerry - a unique product offering YOU outstanding health benefits.

This is a product that stands in a category all of its own - truly a Super Supplement.

Antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals, the damaging compounds produced by metabolism and exposure to toxins and radiation.

Free radical damage causes most of the changes we associate with aging, and can lead to inflammation, cardiovascular and nervous system damage, impairment of immune function, and even cancerous changes in cells.

The level of antioxidant activity in a food or supplement is measured by its ORAC score. The higher the ORAC score, the more potent the antioxidant activity. The Maqui berry, compared to other superfruits, is right up there at the top of the scale.

ORAC values super fruits

bHip Maqui Juice is not available in all countries but click on your Country to find out if it's available to you yet.

NoniGia Antioxidant Health Drink

If you find that Maqui Juice is not yet available to you, there is always NoniGia - it's all natural and loaded with antioxidants. NoniGia is an exciting product - it's a blend of powdered Tahitian Noni Juice, pineapple juice, grape juice and naturally occuring vitamins and minerals.

NoniGia from bHip

Like other bHip healthy energy drinks it comes in handy little individual sachets so has a long shelf life and can be mixed in your bottle of water as you need it.

It's very low in Calories and Fat and contains naturally occurring Vitamins and Minerals including Vitamins A, B, C & D, Manganese, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Chromium.

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