Hoodia - the Miraculous Plant

There have been many new diet programs over the last past 5 years that have received great acceptance among the weight loss industry. There is one diet program in particular that has taken the weight loss industry by storm, Hoodia Gordonii.

Hoodia is an herbal supplement which has been used for centuries and grows primarily in South Africa. The Hoodia Gordonii plant is a cactus like plant that is quite juicy and an excellent source of nutrients. That’s not the reason Hoodia Gordonii has gained so much notoriety in recent years. Hoodia is also an excellent herbal supplement that has a great affect on weight loss. After non specific research studies were conducted on the hoodia plant, hoodia was recently released to the public as a potential weight loss supplement.

Although this herbal botanical has been a part of the Kalahari Desert San Bushmen and surrounding tribes for centuries, research is still being conducted for adverse effects and other potential harmful effects. Still for centuries the native bushman of this region would consume the juicy stem of the hoodia plant for nutrients and to curb their appetite, alleviate hunger pains, indigestion, and hypertension or even to control raised blood sugar levels as a result of going extending periods of time without eating, like while on hunting trips etc. While the San Bushman and other natives of South Africa attest to it’s effective weight loss properties, researchers require foundational information to support these facts; however this supplement is available in high demand by an overweight public who wants to try and lose weight with hoodia.

The most important factor that researchers are focusing on, are specific herbal extract components in the hoodia plant that are believed to be the active components for weight loss and hunger control. During this research a specific component called P57 was found and believed to be responsible for hoodia’s effectiveness on weight control. This molecule has been identified as a steroidal glycoside that reacts with the body similar to glucose, however is much more active.

What this means, according to researchers, is hoodia could be 100 thousand times more effective and faster at simulating the bodies receptors to signify that it has consumed sufficient food. The molecule P57 initially simulates the body’s mechanisms that it is full. This in turns reacts with the hypothalamus, which will relay a signal to the body that it is no longer hungry and to suppress the appetite. While research is still open for debate to date there are no known side affects with taking hoodia. This could be the main reason most people attest to rapid weight loss with hoodia, without complications, as well as the reason for its recent boost in popularity.

While beginning a weight loss program with hoodia supplemental diet aids, researchers urge caution since most of the effects of Hoodia are still under scientific scrutiny. Studies that show a 40% reduction in caloric intake for people on hoodia has sparked even more popularity for hoodia. Of course these high praises for a new weight loss program mean the cost to obtain hoodia supplemental weight loss pills can be quite expensive.

Taking careful consideration of the fact that there are a lot of weight loss programs that may claim to have Hoodia extract as an active ingredient, watch out for imitations. All in all look out for new findings on hoodia extract supplemental diet aids and other potential properties that hoodia may present after further research. 

Article provided by Judith Dezso.

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