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Just how fit are you? and Why should you be fit?

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How did you rate your physical fitness? Your physical fitness will be greatly improved by regular exercise.

Regular exercise will improve your sense of well being, your appearance, and help you get the most enjoyment out of living. It is vital to your health and impacts on almost every aspect of your health.

Research has shown that the physically fit person is able to withstand fatigue for longer periods than the unfit; is better equipped to tolerate physical stress; has a stronger and more efficient heart; and is more likely to be mentally alert than an unfit person. IS your physical fitness?


I’m sure we all realise that physical fitness plays a major role in keeping us healthy and it is important that we make an effort to get regular exercise.

However, as we age we tend to slow down and become a little less active so we do need to make an effort to exercise regularly... and sometimes it can be a REAL effort!

To keep hydrated and to help with your energy levels, try a daily healthy sports drink. bHIP with its all natural herbal clean energy formula will boost your energy levels but won't compromise your health in any way..... I recommend it.

If you make some form of exercise a part of every day, you will soon see the benefits.

Your physical fitness is important and one of the most beneficial and natural forms of exercising is, of course, walking.... so, make walking a part of your day.

Walking is man's best medicine and should be number one on your exercise program. Click the link to learn about vitality after 60 and get some great tips for optimum benefit and physical fitness.


Walking is fun, invigorating and costs you 'not a cent'.

Even if you don't 'go for a walk' each day - time constraints do sometimes get in the way - try to fit more walking into your day by parking further away from the shops, or getting off the bus one stop earlier.

At every opportunity, walk rather than drive. Don't take the escalator, climb the stairs - stair climbing is great exercise.

If you sit for a great part of the day at a desk, be sure to sit tall and not to slump with rounded shoulders and head forward. (As I write this, I immediately feel myself sitting straighter!)

To tone up your shoulders and arm muscles - sit erect, place hands on desk, palms down, trying to lift your body from the chair. Hold the pressure for a few seconds and repeat two or three times a day.

When standing, sitting or lying, tense the muscles of the abdomen and hold for about six seconds. Do this a few times a day.

Constantly think about how you look; walk tall and sit tall, always trying to maintain a good postural position.

Health Tip Studies show that people who exercise regularly are less likely to be depressed than people who don't exercise.

Exercise stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, brain chemicals that lift your spirits.

If you are not in the habit of exercising regularly, don't rush it. There are many fitness programs available to us and they all have their benefits, but not all programs are right for everyone. You cannot expect to embark suddenly on a punishing jogging or squash program without injury.

The sport or exercise you choose must be suitable for your age and "where you're at" right now.

It's a good idea to join a walking group near you. Much more interesting if you are walking with like-minded people than just by yourself. The commitment to 'turning up on a regular basis' is also helpful.

There are many different forms of exercise, all of them important. Maybe it's time to try something quite new.

I've just recently joined an aqua-aerobics session at my local swimming pool. Having had a knee replacement some time ago I am finding the exercising in the pool very beneficial and quite fun.

You might prefer something a little more adventurous like TaeKwonDo, which, they tell us, promotes a mind-body-spirit connection, is a way of life, a way to more happiness and a road to better health. It might suit you.

To experience the full health benefits of exercise we need cardio/aerobic exercise, strength training, weight-bearing exercise, stretching, breathing, and balance.

More and more studies have shown that sensible strength training produces massive health and fitness benefits.

Read the article "9 BIG FAT Reasons Why You Need to Strength Train" by Personal Trainer, Matthew Riddell ...

It's always a good idea to check with your physician (especially if you have a medical condition) before embarking on any rigorous physical fitness program.

See what programs are available in your area to find which fits in best with your goals and ideas.

I see no need to buy expensive equipment or even pay big money to join a gym, though they certainly are options and if you need encouragement to keep you 'at it' then that may be the way for you to go. Some people need the discipline of joining a program at a gym, just so they be sure they actually do the exercise, and others find it very helpful to have a personal trainer who will work with them specifically on their needs.

Those who are really into fitness will know a lot more than I do about the programs and equipment available – I'm just offering a little bit of advice to the people who are like me and know that they should be doing more about 'getting fit'.

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is intended for your consideration only and should not be regarded as a substitute for professional medical advice. My intention is to give you 'food for thought' and any recommendations I make are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure of prevent any illness. You should not use any information contained on this website to self-diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease and you should always speak with your own health care provider before taking any dietary, nutritional or herbal supplements.

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