Quit Smoking Benefits

What happens? and How soon should I experience the effects of quitting?

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Here are some Quit Smoking Benefits for you to think about.

Just as the food we eat effects the way we feel, everything we ingest has an effect on the way our body functions. Proper nutrition has a beneficial effect, smoking has a very detrimental effect. However, there are many 'quit smoking benefits' to be experienced when we throw away that last cigarette.

Our body is made up of trillions of cells that fall into some 200 different types - blood cells, brain cells, liver cells, skin cells etc. Hour by hour, day by day, damaged and worn out cells are being replaced by properly functioning new cells. Some types of cells are replaced in a matter of hours, others in days and some take weeks or months for the fresh new cells to take over.

The damage that has been done to our body by smoking soon starts to heal. Within 12 hours of you quitting smoking, your body will begin to heal itself by replacing the heart and lung cells that have been damaged with new properly functioning cells. This is why smokers often feel "withdrawal symptoms" when they first give up smoking. Feelings of hunger, short temper and restlessness are commonplace and symptomatic of your body's recovery. This recovery may take effect quite rapidly and continue at a slower rate for years.

So, after a short period of discomfort while your body adjusts to the absence of cigarette toxins which it has become accustomed to, you will start to feel some real quit smoking benefits of your decision. Most ex-smokers soon notice an improvement in taste and smell. Often this is accompanied by increased energy, alertness and a feeling of wellbeing. More puff and improved circulation mean that walking or exercising becomes noticeably easier.

An improvement in blood pressure and oxygen levels and clean lungs mean the ability to resist infection, lessen fatigue and shortness of breath. NOT TO MENTION A GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR BANK BALANCE.

In time, the risk of heart attack, stroke, lung cancer and other diseases effected by smoking reduce to the normal level of non-smokers.

These are just some of the quit smoking benefits that you will experience. Quit Smoking Article

To be successful, you MUST BE DETERMINED TO SUCCEED. It's not just a matter of going to the Doctor for a prescription, or the Chemist for a medication, YOU must be determined to quit smoking or it won't work. And, of course, we all know that you CAN do it.

If you realize that it is a 'mind' thing, make up your mind that "YOU DON'T SMOKE", never let another cigarette touch your lips and stick to it - you're 'home and hosed'.

At times, it won't be easy. It will seem OK to just have one smoke - but, if you do that, you'll be right back to 'home base' and have to start all over again.... just remember those quit smoking benefits.... Thousands of heavy smokers have quit just by making up their minds to stop and sticking to it. (I have several close family members who have done just that.)

Don't even think about how you THINK you are feeling right now when you, so much, would like a smoke. Instead, THINK AHEAD to how you WILL FEEL when you are no longer dependent on those little nasties. Think about the 'quit smoking benefits'.

The quit-smoking-benefits are numerous.

You can break the habit NOW.

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