Quit Smoking For Good

by Geoff

Quit Smoking For Good, it's easy ... anyone can do it. I quit smoking lots of times. The hard part is not starting up again.

Step 1. Make up your mind that YOU want to give up smoking, and count the reasons why.
Smoking is a selfish habit so you must have selfish reasons for giving it up ... your health, your money, your reason ... not anybody else's.

Step 2. Get your reasons, make a plan, set a goal, make a commitment ... and GO FOR IT. Don't take a softly softly half hearted approach. Reason, plan, goal, commitment ... Just Do It.
There will be pain ... You can't run a marathon without feeling pain, but if your mindset, your commitment and determination is right ... YOU CAN'T FAIL.

Step 3. NO EXCUSES ... Don't fall by the wayside ... Don't be a weakie. Fix the message, "I DON'T SMOKE." in your brain and keep it there.
There will be lots of temptations, and that's where your plan comes in. You know when your habit of having a smoke is most regular. Morning coffee, having a beer, watching the football ... you name it. Know when those times are and plan your defense. At the very least make up your mind that you are not going to be beaten.

Step 4. COUNT THE DAYS. The first four days are the worst ... but don't relax your guard, or two weeks later, someone will offer you a smoke over a beer and your knees will go all weak, and a little voice in your brain will say, "I've beaten the habit, just one won't hurt me." Ha! Ha! Ha! SUCKER!
That's where I used to get caught. Thinking I was over it and letting down my guard. Remember your commitment, "I DON'T SMOKE."

Step 5. Oh, What a Feeling. Things SMELL better, TASTE better and you FEEL better, stronger, sexier, more energetic and in control. You will feel GREAT. Believe me, it's worth it.

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